Kansas Fire Relief

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Looking at the devastation that massive wildfires brought to Kansas in early 2017, it’s hard to imagine that anybody can come back from this.

But if anybody can, it’s Kansas ranchers and their families. And they’re going to need our help to do it. The damage is staggering:

  • Over 1000 square miles burned
  • 23 counties impacted (of our 105)
  • Thousands of cattle killed

It’s going to take years, and tens of millions of dollars, to rebuild homes, herds, fences and other infrastructure. The best way we can help is to donate today to our friends and neighbors.

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The good people at the Kansas Livestock Association have a quick and secure way for you to donate. Please give now and help hard-working Kansans rebuild just a little quicker from the worst wildfire in our state’s history.

Donate Today